Why Hire a Plumbing Specialist?

Residential plumbing services extend beyond fixing what’s clogged to repairing everything that leaks. Whether you have unclogging a clogged drain or unplugged a faucet in the shower to prevent a leak, you have already performed basic plumbing services in your home! But if this drain in the shower refuses to drain no matter what you try, or the loosening of the shower hose has caused the shower head to leak, then that is when you will call your trusted plumbing professional.

Plumbing Services

If the clog comes from your kitchen sink, drain pipes or drainage area, it’s just a matter of replacing the clogging material or making repairs to the main drain. Sometimes just a quick call to a plumber or electrician can clear up the clog and let you enjoy the flow of water again. However, there are some things that your plumber cannot do for you.

When a log is too stubborn to get rid of on its own, it is time to call a plumber or electrician. If the clog is in a drain pipe, you may need a larger drain pipe to remove the clog. In the kitchen sink, a plumber might need to drain the drain to clean it out. If the clog is in a bath tub or shower, it may require an entire new drain system.

Many drains can be clogged with a variety of items that can become trapped in them, including hair, soap scum, and other items like hairballs and food. If a drain pipe becomes obstructed, the waste water from washing, bathing, and brushing hair can cause a build-up to develop. The buildup can cause the pipe to become backed up and eventually block it completely. A plumber will be able to identify and remove the blockage from the pipe and clear it up by draining it.

You may be using a water pump to heat your home. If your hot water heater stops working and you are experiencing frequent problems with your hot water, you might be able to fix the problem yourself by cleaning and changing the filter, checking for leaks, and possibly rewiring the heater. {if necessary. If your heater is broken, however, you will need to call your plumber to have it fixed.

Plumbing Services can also repair a leaky faucet. If your spout gets clogged, a plumber can unplug the spout, clear out the blocked area, and then replace the clogged. This can be accomplished without having to call an electrician or plumber because they can replace the spout and plug the hole for you.

Sometimes a leaking drain can be the result of a leaky pipe. Plumbers can also use a special tool to remove the blockage from a large drainage pipe. If your drain pipes have been clogged with dirt, wood chips, leaves, etc., you will need to have the pipe inspected to see what type of drain auger is needed to unblock it. After the drain is filled, your plumber can replace the blockage by reusing the existing pipe and using the drain auger to make holes.

It is also common for a drain to burst and cause water damage to a house. In this case, a plumber will be called. to clean up the mess and fix any leaks that are left behind. Common causes of these leaks include old cracked pipes, excess water pressure, slow water flow and clogged drains.

Other common leaks are a broken valve or a faucet that stops working. If a faucet stops working, it will need to be repaired. If a valve is causing a leak, a plumber will need to replace the faucet and the valves and joints, and reinstall the valves in the sink.

Another problem that can cause the water heater to stop working is a clogged trap. If the trap becomes clogged with wood shavings, algae, dirt, leaves, or other items, it will need to be cleaned and reinstalled to prevent water damage. A clogged trap can cause the heater to shut off.

Your plumber can offer you a number of other services. From plumbing repairs to leak detection and general plumbing services, you are sure to find one to fit your needs.

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